Sunday, March 3, 2013

Black and White and...

This riddle works a lot better if you are eight years old and asking someone face-to-face. Pretend.

What's black and white and read all over?

The answer? Ha! A newspaper!

What's black and white and red? Ha! Bill Cunnigham's "On the Street" in today's New York Times (newspaper) Style Section (aka Women's Sports). Graphic black and white morphing with black and red. We have Marc Jacobs to thank, perhaps, for initiating the black and white thing. Maybe we have Stendahl to credit for the red and the black. Bill's commentary sites red with black as popular in the '30s and '40s.

What we don't have is a mash-up of black and white and red. I'm going to make that happen when I wear my new Zara zebra print coat with red skinny jeans. The jeans are in the closet; the coat is on its way via UPS from Zara Central.

Blue will become red

Zara and I have a long, friendly relationship with coats. I think they make the most elegant and interesting in the fast fashion universe. Most coats drown my small frame. Theirs are cut along dressmaker lines. While they may not be the warmest in the world— needing scarves, layers, a hook-and-eye or two— they're cozy and chic enough for me to forgive Mother Nature throwing Texas a cold snap. Gee I hope it arrives before we warm up!


  1. I am going to go over to Zara's website to check out their coats as I have a small frame as well. Do you have red skinnie jeans in your closet? May I ask what brand you have? I am looking for red ones myself. I look forward to seeing your outfit put together.

    1. Happy to reply! My red jeans are from Urban Outfitters. I believe the brand is BDG Ankle (which fit me full length). Good luck!