Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mash Up

Call this a Mix-Mash?

It's going to be harder to commit crimes of fashion this season as it's looking like such a brawl already. Neon with lace! Color blocking with lace! Neon with neon! Sailor stripes with lace! Neon sailor stripes!

While the runway shows for Fall 2013 were in fact heralding a return to some minimalism and interesting Shapes, the goods trickling into stores for Spring/Summer 2013 are baroque embellishments of what we started to see last year. A baroque period usually means austerity— or sanity— will shortly follow, so it's up to you how much you go for broke.

Jill Sander minimalism in my crystal ball

What's interesting is designer neon looks the same as cheap neon. Below are looks by Christopher Kane in NEON LEATHER LACE (that's three— count 'em— three trends together). Forever 21 is probably doing them in plastic as you read this (four trends). Just to show that the trickle-down effect sometimes really is a trickle, Christopher Kane's was from Spring/Summer 2011. Let's assume this will be the last season for it, so if you're a fan of neon, wear it now before the lights go out.
Way back when...
You just can't improve on the original Breton sailor t. Or can you? Brigitte Bardot's (and Pablo Picasso's and Chanel's) iconic shirt is never "out" but sometimes a little "far out". Hopefully the t-shirt won't go away, but isn't a sailor stripe with neon lace a little— well— outre?

Ne trop pas

For some reason a love letter to a crush is often called a mash note. So if you're loving the eggbeater whirl that is in fashion this season, and are a girl who just wants to have fun, have some, just not all at once.


  1. I don't believe I will jump on the neon trend this time. I did that, well, many years ago. But the lace is something that has been going strong for several seasons and I have invested in a couple of good pieces for my wardrobe.

  2. Like you, I love lace; I love neon (well like it anyways); I love sailor stripes— just not in a fashion salad.

  3. I always think I am tired of neon when I find an accessory that does it really well. I love lace. You know me, always excited for feminine frills. xo

  4. Neon colored lace sounds like an absolutely amazing idea!

  5. I am such a big fan of those Breton stripes, that it scares me a little that "they" are starting to play with them, adding lace and all. Does it mean that that people are getting bored with the tees? I sure hope not!

    I do love the ones where they have been playing with color, with one stripe for the body, and another color stripe for the sleeves. But neon lace? Non!