Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Basically Speaking...

Where have I gone wrong? I thought as you get older you are supposed to give yourself permission to indulge in perhaps a glorious leather bag or good jewelry or—finally— extravagantly priced shoes. But what have I been overspending on lately? Basics!

They say you should spend the most you can afford on basics. I've always thought that meant a good suit, if you need one, or a good coat, if you need one, and I've followed accordingly. Spend the most on what you will see the most.

I've adhered to that all my life. I have standards— the bag should be leather but it doesn't need a designer label. TJ Maxx and department store sale racks have done a good job filling in the gaps in my wardrobe.

Yesterday I spent $70 on a white t-shirt. Okay, it's going back. Call it temporary insanity. But there was a moment in that dressing room when I decided a $70 white t-shirt would roll me into the model I want to become.

Here's the devil in me speaking: It was by Vince! That brand you love to sift through at Neiman's! It was an extra small (hard to find in TJ's Runway section)! It was originally $145!

Here's the good girl: Who buys a $145 t-shirt? Who buys a $70 t-shirt? It's WHITE, for God's sake!
What were you thinking???

Would wearing it somehow make me feel richer, younger, prettier, more entitled? Of course not. It would probably make my other dry goods look tatty by comparison. I would have to buy that t-shirt a better class of friends to hang with. Before you know my closet would become expensive and very boring. And I would open the door and cry pitifully, "Help, I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!"

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