Sunday, August 11, 2013

Something About Sad Girls

Last year I did a post on Bad Girls. We love them and emulate their style though we perhaps shouldn't. So what is it about Sad Girls? They also fascinate. For the most part these women did not have happy lives and died too young. Each accomplished much, however, and are still respected for the marks they made. I have a theory that we may not carry the torch were they not also strikingly attractive. Agree?

The royal sad girl— Princess Diana
The sad girl next door— Sylvia Plath
The misunderstood sad girl— Marilyn Monroe
The ex-pat sad girl— Jean Seberg
The fragile sad girl— Vivian Leigh
The good-time sad girl— Edie Sedgwick

The kitsch sad girl by Margaret Keane
Margaret Keane—not so sad

Notice that two of these Sad Girls also qualified as Bad Girls— Jean Seberg and Edie Sedgwick. Jean Seberg's bad girl was only a movie role. Edie Sedgwick's role was that of a bad girl. And Margaret Keane is not so sad as she both won the lawsuit that gave her control of her own paintings, and the story is being filmed by Tim Burton with Amy Adams playing Margaret. Look for "Big Eyes" next year.

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