Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Careful Pruning is Key to Preparing for Spring"

Secondhand Rose?

I thought "fashion" before realizing this headline in the local paper was on the gardening column. Reading further, "Gardeners begin dismantling the winter look in February to make way for spring growth", I thought yes, indeed, I am ready to dismantle winter and make way for spring.

"It's pruning time, so sharpen and clean your clippers. Wear gloves to protect your hands and forearms." It's almost time for spring merchandise to appear in the stores, so sharpen your knowledge of the new trends, what worked for you last year, what didn't and what you need. Wear blinders so as not be distracted by end-of-season sales.

"If you're a risk taker and no freeze is in the forecast, plant tomatoes". If you're a risk taker snap up the early spring offering that sets your heart a-flutter. You may not be able to wear it right away, but you won't regret the possibility of losing it either.

"Plant shade and ornamental trees and shrubs to add structure to your garden". Your basic go-to pieces may need refreshing— pants, t-shirts, button-downs, cardigans, etc. They are the bones of your wardrobe.

"Pull winter weeds before they get out of control". I'll bet your closet holds a few unworn, unloved items you could weed out. And did you know that Old English for "garment" was "waed"? Enough said.

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