Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Gal Who Got it Right

The other day at the Lovely Boutique Where I Work, I checked out a charming young woman in her mid 20s. She was excited about her purchase (as we all should be when buying something new*).

She remarked, as she handed it over to ring up, "I love this! Some days I feel Bohemian, you know, and some days I feel Audrey Hepburn."

"How do you decide how you feel each day?", I asked, really interested.

"Well, if my hair is frizzy, I'm Bohemian. If it's nice and sleek I can be Audrey".

She had a beautiful head of shiny, dark hair that in Houston weather can probably turn frizzy (aka curly) overnight.

What a smart cookie! She has learned early on that we are more than one persona, even as we go through life trying to hone our style to a single coherent equation. And sometimes who we are is not determined by mere whim. We have social obligations, financial constraints, time limits and unruly hair.

Sure, every day is not Halloween, but occasionally we have to try on a new look. The faster you get rid of what doesn't work, the smarter you are becoming.

Becoming and becoming... now that is one word with two entirely different meanings...

This is about as close as Audrey may have gotten to Bohemian, but I bet she felt that way some days too:

* If you're not excited think twice, three, four times before you get to the cash wrap.

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