Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fashion Week Again?

This pelt's for you

What you see are the sounds of me, hibernating. Although we haven't been cursed with the rest of the country's lousy weather, I am as sick of winter as anyone. The last—let me repeat, last— thing I am excited about is what to wear Fall/Winter 2015.

This post has no sneak previews of the latest mukluks or galoshes, fur-lined parkas or quilted tunic vests. If past F/W Fashion Weeks are any indication there will be plenty of "winter sandals" and maybe some velvet crop tops. They should concentrate on solar-powered outerwear and self-adjusting inner wear (always 98.6).

The whole idea of Fashion Week began with the practical. Manufacturers need to get an idea what might excite buyers so they can order fabric, cut, sew, finish and ship garments by mid-August. It was never such an organized event until 1993 when designers began to schedules their shows in tents in Bryant Park. Buyers and the fashion press could then see as many as possible without conflicts or getting stuck in traffic jams. The shows soon became spectacles and by now are pretty much a worldwide industry in themselves.

Okay, maybe I'll take a peek at what some of my favorite designers have up their sleeves, but I won't look up those sleeves long. Too cold.

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  1. I was just in New York, during Fashion Week, and I was not a bit interested in seeing the collections. What interested me was all the beautiful spring clothes that are in the stores. Enough of winter!