Sunday, March 8, 2015

Call Wardrobe!

Costume stylists have an easy time when it comes to most Diane Keaton movies. Didja ever notice in nearly every one she dresses like a version of herself? It's as if wardrobe visited her home and went through her closets. Maybe not a bad idea. Larry David told an interviewer he wears his own (worn-in) clothes for his role in the new Broadway play "Fish in the Dark" because they felt more like him. And it would be hard to recreate the "lived in look" of Larry's clothes.

No light in his closet...

Although there's no doubt Diane is acting in her movies, she has come to play in the Cary Grant style of "this is what we want Diane Keaton to act like/be wearing". Her crisp, tailored blouses, slouchy pants and classic jewelry are safe and easy to emulate. You can't go wrong in these looks. Classic is classic for a reason. Those Greek goddesses may look the same after a while, but they're all gorgeous.

So here comes a new Diane Keaton flick, "Love the Coopers". This time she's paired with John Goodman. It's a Christmas-themed family dramedy (something for everyone), and it looks like she's playing our vision of Diane again.

"Love the Coopers"

There are over twenty years of Diane Keaton post "Godfather" films to prove the point. Keep in mind how styles have changed, but she's had pretty much the same style throughout.

"Father of the Bride I"
"Father of the Bride II"
"First Wives Club"
"Somethings Gotta Give"
"The Family Stone"
"Because I Said So"
"Mad Money"
"Morning Glory"
"Darling Companion"
"Hanging Up"
"The Big Wedding"
"And So It Goes"
"Five Flights Up" 

We may think we've been watching Diane Keaton dressed to play Diane Keaton, but we've been fooling ourselves. In real life she likes to wear a costume.

Biker mama chic
Dandy dudette with
Sarah Paulson as movie Diane
Channeling Pinky Lee


  1. You're so right! I was counting the white collared shirts in all those photos, but I love your observation as to how she looks different in real life! I think of her as she is in the movies (her hair always looks so flattering on her, but I like her look best without the bangs), but I can see that she's actually more flamboyant on her own. Nice post!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I might not personally love her crazy get-ups, but I think it's great she dresses herself, and with pizazz.