Sunday, March 15, 2015

The New Crop of Crop Tops

Carolina Herrera's top of the crop

There's no way on heaven or earth I would ever think of wearing the midriff-baring crop tops that have been a fashion trend the past few seasons. But even if you are older than springtime, you can wear one now.

The latest crop of crop tops are using more material and a bit more geometry. You still have to think about putting an outfit together with one, and they will still flatter the flat-chested rather than the amply endowed, but at least they have become a reasonable possibility.

Think trapeze. The latest crop tops are not midriff-hugging; they have a little swing in them. Of course they are longer too, covering the rib cage and stopping just above the waist. The waist is the secret in putting an outfit together. You need to wear high-waisted pants or a skirt to show off your waist. This is not a look for everyone, true, but age alone is not the barrier.

Lela Rose does it
Christian Siriano does it
Anonymous Google pic does it

This is a look I've been trying to emulate for almost 60 years, since Audrey Hepburn wore hers in "Funny Face" in 1956. Amazing.

Audrey did it... best

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  1. can't carry a shoulder bag with this top, for sure.