Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Bill

Happy Birthday to Bill Cunningham, 
86 years old on March 13.

Bill Cunningham is not only the star of his own movie, he's the star of his own life.

No one captures the feel of fashion in New York like Bill. Gentle and self-deprecating, yet with a delicious sense of humor, Bill's shots bring fashion to life.

If they gave out numbers, Bill would be Street Photographer #1. He just about invented the genre and has been doing it longer— and better— than anyone. Believe me, shooting on the street is not easy. I've failed miserably dozens of times.

He doesn't try to hide, but he is fast. He can be spotted wearing his trademark blue French workman's coat zipping by on his bike. I know he exists, though I've never seen him. My friend Justin Holt, on the other hand, has.

Photos by Justin Holt

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