Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Find a Necklace

I always follow recipes and usually the beaten path but love to improvise when it comes to clothing. Although I've bought many beautiful necklaces, some of my favorites are those re-purposed or cobbled from the stuff of everyday life. Feel free to run with the ideas, but don't trip.

The Bangle-adore
Lightweight plastic bangle bracelets on a leather thong. What's not to love?

The Plumber's Helper
Copper elbow pipe threaded through heavy cord. The knot is hidden inside.

The Rag Picker
Shredded fabric tied over cord, mixed with a few hanks of folded seam binding knotted at the ends. I've made mini versions of this for little girls.

Necklace on a Shoestring
Literally. My sister brought back these amber beads attached to a shoelace as my souvenir from her trip to South Africa. Never bothered to restring them.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Have a necklace that's just too long? Fold it in half and secure at the back with a length of chain pull from the hardware store. Love that stuff.

Then There's Real Art
My talented friend Jo-Anne Myers made this from picture hanging wire, bead and a champagne cap (Domaine Ste. Michelle of course).

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