Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's OK to Smile

Photo by Ken Sharp

Why do we dislike what we see in the mirror? I think I know: we're not smiling. At this age at least I only check in the mirror to see if the outfit works, the cowlicks are where they're supposed to be or if I've covered up the dark circles with concealer. I don't do it for fun, the way I might have pranced in front of a mirror at age six in my new dress.

While checking for flaws, I'm not smiling. And that's the problem. You will look 100 times lovelier and ten years younger if you smile. I know I've developed a little smile face when I'm out in public. I make a conscious effort to set my face on "10% amused" (but not "80% on her own planet") because I see how other women look when they don't smile. It must be enough of a smile, because I often get a smile back, which in turns makes me smile more. We're just getting prettier in this world by the minute!

Seriously, try it. Chances are you're not going around frowning, but don't be so hard on yourself when you look in that mirror. We all have to look occasionally. If you hate mirrors, that might be why.


  1. I'm a smiler, I'm a laugh out louder, an eyebrow lifter. But I sometimes don't know who on earth that person is who looks back at me from the mirror!

  2. As long as she's smiling, she's a friend.

  3. Hear, hear! The smile attracts attention away from the wrinkles!

  4. And any wrinkles that smiles make are totally okay in my book.