Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Jumped for the Jumpsuit

Getting ready to jump

Yep. I bought a jumpsuit. After vowing I would never buy another. My first/last was in 1972 and was a Biba bottle green jersey that buttoned halfway down the front. What a pain to deal with and the least practical piece of clothing I ever owned. Plus the knees bagged out.

I've managed to stifle a knowing giggle at the new popularity of jumpsuits and their summer cousins, rompers. Caveat emptor! Then I saw this little number at TJ Maxx and fell for its chic possibilities and practical fabrication. It's heavyweight black polyester stretch jersey and looks indestructible. Bateau neckline, long sleeves that can be pushed up, tapered legs that puddle in an elegant way, gathers above and below an easy waistline and— wait for it— pockets. Can you tell I'm in love?

Better yet, as I modeled it for the husband (who has a kind way of telling me I am out of my mind), the first thing he said was, "very Audrey Hepburn". Sold!

I see this dressed up for evening or tailored down for day. Sure would be comfy and chic on a plane. In fact, as I tried various belts (a black leather wrap looks good) I really didn't want to take it off.

I also knew this purchase would make the blog filed under "Never Say Never". It's happened before; it'll happen again. My mind is set against something, and I have a change of heart. I'm learning...

Looking for a photo to share, I made an interesting discovery. My jumpsuit, by Lauren Ralph Lauren, has a manufacturer's hangtag listing the price as $164. I paid $79.95. There is an exact same jumpsuit in the Ralph Lauren Black Label line, available at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. Price: $1495. No doubt the fabric is lovelier and the stitches smaller, but for $1415 I'll forego the black label. Ralph Lauren was annointed my first Man We Love, and now I love him even more. It's not unusual for designers to be ripped off. It's not the usual for one to rip off himself. Ralph was so happy with this jumpsuit he wanted all of us to own one.

$1415 less


  1. It's glamorous, it's lovely and you'll look stunning. I would worry about going to the lavatory on a plane though....

  2. Well, just don't be in a hurry in the bathroom!