Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fashion Uniformity

Uniformly chic

Some of the most fashionable people on the planet pretty much wear a uniform. I'm not talking Pope Francis, but he does dress to impress. Think about Anna Wintour, who rarely goes through her workday not wearing a printed, sleeveless or short sleeved dress and a pair of slingback heels. Karl Lagerfeld's uniform may veer on the costume, but it works for Karl. And what would Giorgio Armani be without that t-shirt?

So not only do these fashionable folk have more time in their days, they are each easily identified.

President Obama revealed he either wears a blue or gray suit so he doesn't have to spend much time making clothing decisions. It's gratifying to know he does make even that decision. Life is not just all about world leadership.

So if it's okay for them, why not for us? Most of us haven't zoned in on our own images and stayed there long enough to have them stick. I for one am like a magpie, constantly rummaging around and coming up with the shiny bits. This is not entirely an exaggeration; if it glitters I'm all over it.

It's possible I don't have enough to do. I have the time to play with outfits and shop the stores, the internet, the magazines. It wasn't always this way. I do have more time now, but I kind of like doing that.

So if you have a signature look—
>  Make sure it's your signature.
>  Keep it tweaked and up-to-date.
>  Believe in it; don't just hide behind it.

If you haven't signed off on a look yet—
>  Relax in knowing you are in the majority.
>  Keep track of looks you wear that you really like; one day you may have an epiphany.
>  Get rid of what doesn't work, because if it didn't work once it's not going to work the second time.

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