Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Have This Wedding...

Dear AllWays in Fashion,
I have this wedding to attend in early December. I'm even in the bridal party (Mother-of-the-Groom). It's a very small wedding, and the festivities will be at the couple's home. It should be lovely, but what do I wear???

What a minute! I can't write myself for advice, can I? If I could I would say, "Wear an understated and well shaped dress in a semi-dressed up fabric like crepe in a jewel tone. Burgundy or teal would look good on you. No black or too much glitter."

Great. I have enough glitter hanging in my closet to light up the darkest night, but nothing that really meets the criteria for a lovely dress.

So I went shopping today.

My day did start a little early. Around midnight I started trolling on line and found a dress by Ted Baker on the company's website at 40% off with free shipping. I sent for it because I liked the fabric and thought it looked a bit Michelle Obama-like. And we should always think, Would FLOTUS wear this? That woman never missteps. So I said "yes to the dress" and pushed "place order". My husband, on the other hand thought it looked like something Amy Schumer would wear, and that was not a compliment. As popular as she is, he's not a fan. Maybe it was the model.

Once in love with Amy...

Once at the mall things went downhill fast. Why is it when you have reason to buy one and money enough to throw at it, there is no dress calling your name? Any other time I can go through Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman's as if running the gauntlet, praying I won't fall in love with anything I see. I do like to look. I just don't like to fall in love. Today? Nothing.

I saved Zara for last because that's my go-to store. I know that may not make sense, but this was to be a special purchase— a treat— and Zara is just always in my wheelhouse. Of course I did find this understated and well shaped dress in burgundy crepe that way belies its price of $69.90. It may require a tiny bit of tailoring to make it mine, but it felt like the right one. Kind of like love.

In fact, even if Michelle Obama's dress turns up looking fabulous enough to make my husband forget about Amy, I think I'll keep this anyways. That's the kind of dress you are never sorry to own.

Now, what about shoes???


  1. Just avoid being photographed from the same angle as that model!

    1. I hope they'll have a photographer taller than a third grader...