Thursday, October 8, 2015

Will Your Dress Have Legs?

The idea of wearing a dress with pants is not entirely foreign to me. Growing up in Ohio's frigid winters, my snowsuit was a padded jacket and padded pants, skirt or dress usually hanging out. Not too practical for frolicking in the snow, but there wasn't much frolicking. Don't let this picture fool you; I hated the cold even then.

"Time to go in?"

Footless tights under a dress have been a trend for so long, let's just call that a style. Certainly footless tights are a blessing for legs too pale, too bumpy or otherwise not ready for the light of day. Besides, the look has a sort of je ne sais quoi when worn with flats. Eternal ballet school.

The pants-under-a-dress look may have begun with Emma Watson as early as 2012:

Perhaps such a long incubation period is giving Emma too much credit. We are now seeing wear-it-for-real versions with skinny-leg or even flared pants.

Will I dress up my pants? I'm thinking yes. What about you?

If SJP can do it...

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