Sunday, January 10, 2016

COS for Celebration

Draped layer dress, $125
COS just opened a store here in Texas. That is amazing as there are only 7 locations in the US, and 4 of them are in NYC and LA. Houston may have won because of our spanking-brand-new and gorgeous shopping concept, River Oaks District.

COS is the brainchild of H&M, the Swedish fast-fashion chain sometimes called the "Starbucks of Schmatas". H&M is everywhere— 3,700 stores in 67 countries. By contrast COS has 116 stores worldwide. There is a website, but COS pieces need to be tried on. Not everything will work depending on your shape, but those that do will be genius.

A-line tulle dress, $125

COS (stands for Collection of Style) began in 2007 and is described as an "up-market brand positioned at a slightly higher price point" than H&M*. Make that quite a little bit higher. Tops average $100, dresses $150, pants $125. This is not fast fashion. It took me ages to try and decide on my first purchases.

What you get for your money is quality fabrication, careful workmanship and a sophisticated, European approach to style. Although they are simple shapes, to call COS "basics" does not do them justice.

Flared drape panel shirt, $89

Not just a white shirt, but a white shirt with an interesting collar and a slight swing shape. Not just a sweater, but a t-form with ribbing detail in a musky, lovely shade of coral. Bags and belts are nice hunks of leather with very little hardware. Jewelry looks like you found it at an art gallery, but the prices are decidedly department store.

Pleated cropped trousers, $88 (sale)

The only downside I forsee with my new love of COS is their pieces want me to ditch everything and start fresh. I envision one of those sparsely furnished closets with space between the hangers.

Folded leather shopper, $275

Won't  happen. Much as I'd love to be  a chic and sophisticated minimalist, I still need housing for my Bohemian self. She never quite goes away, and she takes up a lot of space.

Perforated plate necklace, $59

*COS also carries menswear and a small collection for children.


  1. I visited COS for the first time this weekend and was so impressed! Thanks for sharing the bit of information behind it, I'm now a devoted fan!

    xo, Alice

    1. And these are looks that truly have no age restrictions. Of course we still love you-know-where too!