Friday, January 1, 2016

Six Resolutions for '16

Madame smarty-pants here hates resolutions as much as the next person, but I've yet to wise-up and not make them. My actual list is much longer than this, of course, but these are the most fashionable and beautiful:

> If full-blown Yoga seems too daunting, at least try doing Yoga stretches first thing in the morning. At the very least it will allow you to buy into the cute Yoga-wear trend.

> Vow to drink a glass of water before you head for the snack cabinet or liquor cart. If water doesn't excite you, buy the expensive stuff and/or a beautiful glass only for water (now's your chance for Waterford).

> Get rid of all half-used beauty products that didn't work. If they didn't work then, they're not going to now. Ditto old lipstick. You know, the kind that has a slightly metallic, industrial taste like rancid butter when you touch it to your lips. And use up that little itty bit of scent hovering in the bottom of the bottle as well. I know someone who likes perfume bottles on her vanity but doesn't necessarily want to reinvest when they are empty. She swears by colored water for the effect.

> Ditch or donate shoes that hurt when you wear them more than 30 minutes.

> Ditto anything in your closet that just didn't work out, even if you bought it two months ago.

> For one week try planning your clothes at least the night before. And during that week wear something you totally forgot you owned.

You could turn unloved shoes into planters


  1. Excellent post. We all need reminders to get rid of old make-up. Why do we think the products will get better as we age. I cannot use eye cream anymore, but I hate to throw it out. ( Is anyone else unable to use eye cream as we age?) The shoes are another problem.
    Look forward to all your posts.

    1. Why not eye cream anymore? I never started but always thought I should have. Thank you for reading!

  2. My resolution--sew more practical clothes, rather than beauties that I can only wear to the theater. Oh, and toss all the eyeliner that I bought last year in the hopes of finding one that didn't wear off in five minutes.

    1. Ditto shampoo, conditioner and mousse. Obviously have more cleaning out to do! Good luck with resolution #1. I would probably just go to the theater more. Happy New Year!