Friday, January 22, 2016

Why You Should Save Your Receipts

I once brought our accountant a stack of receipts saved from purchases made at The Lovely Boutique Where I Work, thinking they might be eligible for a tax deduction. It was surely necessary to dress in the boutique's latest offerings to encourage customers likewise!

Alas, Uncle Sam does not agree. In fact, I learned, the reason many wait-staff or other service people wear just a white shirt and black pants (or some other ubiquitous combination) is that the company does not have to provide uniforms. In turn one cannot deduct clothing worn to work that could be worn at other times.

Obviously, I was just fishing and was not the least bit surprised that my (over)spending where I work would not be rewarded.

I am in the habit, however, of keeping all credit card receipts. I just toss them in a brown paper envelope, making only a feeble attempt at having them in order. YOU NEVER KNOW when something may break or if you will change your mind (within the limits printed on your receipt).

Yesterday I was shopping the wonderful sale at Zara ($7.99! $12.99! $19.99!) and saw a notice at checkout. It announced a class action suit due to Zara revealing too many numbers on your credit card. They are only supposed to print out the last four. If you made a purchase between December 2014 and April 2015 you were instructed to complete a form and supply a copy of the pertinent receipts to join the suit. The payout promises to be $100 per transaction (if less than 16,001 file), a portion thereof if the number is higher.

As it turns out, I had one receipt that filled their requirements. The form was easy. It didn't ask for personal information or anything that might compromise my security. So I filled it out and now am waiting for my refund. After all, can 16,000 people have saved receipts????? Do I hear you thinking you'd be surprised?

I love Zara and know anybody can make a mistake. I don't hold it against Target that I had to get a new credit card and all that entails (grrrrr). $100 would be very nice, especially if it comes at the same time as the new spring collection.

PS The deadline for filing is today, January 22. Hurry.

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