Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Delicious Find

This was discovered quite by accident by my nephew while going through a trove of family holdings (not all treasures). My mother drew it around 1928. She would have been 21 and studying at the Chicago Institute of Art.

Oh so true! Don't we just feel that Spring means new things? In this case it looks like Spring 1928 was very new. Check out the shorter skirts on the "latest model", who is being eyed by last year's model's beau. Legs— the latest thing! To tell the truth, I rather die for what 1927 is wearing too.

I never think of my mother as a young woman who doodled (well) and cared quite this much about fashion. Don't you wish you knew your mother when?

1 comment:

  1. Your mother was gifted - love the casual, yet sure, feel of her sketch.

    There are not many things I would change in life (not that a lot of things couldn't be better; it's just silly not to play the hand that was dealt you), but the only thing I really, really wish is that I could have spoken to my parents as an equal adult. Would love to ask them what they thought when they were the age I am now (66). Or, alternatively, as you say, when they were younger, the portion of their lives with which I have no experience.