Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Charlotte Rampling and the Wardrobe Malfunction


I'm not going to pick apart the Oscars and what everyone wore because, well, it's yesterday's news and who really cares? I'll just add my thoughts that this year there was too much of less.

Charlotte Rampling is outspoken about not using a stylist and wearing her own clothes to various events. I half-expected her to show up in a white shirt and black trousers from her closet. She would have looked stunning, while making a not altogether viable statement that the Oscars aren't important. They are, but fleetingly. So I was interested in what she was wearing.

The camera panned to Charlotte in the audience after a clip from her Oscar-nominated part in "45 Years". She was wearing a simple jewel-neck, brocade long-sleeve sheath (to the floor with a slit as seen), peppered with some tasteful beading (though I'm not a fan of those patch pockets). She looked regal and very Charlotte while still honoring the spirit of the occasion.

My husband said, "She's falling out of her dress". What? Charlotte Rampling falling out of her dress? Never! What was he talking about? Thanks to the remote, he scrolled back a few seconds and showed me. Yes, indeed, the lady sitting behind Charlotte in a white gown was certainly falling out of her dress.

I don't know who she was. No picture to show you. Her dress was cut so low and the bodice so narrow that from the camera's angle she looked uncomfortably close to a wardrobe malfunction. 


And she was not alone. Many women, Charlise Theron and anonymous others, chose to bare more and cover less. There were side-boobs and indelicate decolletage, not to mention Sarah Silverman sort of covered by a stiff strapless gown a la Frida Kahlo's back brace.


There were definitely many women lovely to look at, but there were too many shouting, "Look at me!"


  1. I agree there were way too many side boobs, etc. I recently watched 45 Years and fell in love all over again with Ms. Rampling. She can do no wrong.

  2. LOL, someone made the comment that she wished there was a duct tape available that was as strong as whatever was used to hold in all the women who wore dresses that plunged so dramatically to the waist. Too true.

    Recently found your blog and enjoy it immensely. Mary

    1. And here I thought all along it was the power of prayer! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Thank you for reading.