Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chic for Chico's

Diane Keaton, chic as ever

I forgot to include Diane Keaton with Cheers to the Ladies (posted October 12). What's not to love about her? She personified the Annie Hall look, one of the longest lasting style trends ever. That look is still referenced today. Wisely Diane has refined it so as not to appear stuck-in-a-rut. She has "aged" imperceptibly. She actually looks her best today at 65. You can see she is both true to herself and good to herself. She has definite ideas what she likes and doesn't— gloves yes, prints no. She could easily tip "eccentric" were it not for her devilish grin as if to say "It's all for fun and why not?". She is being good to herself by taking care of herself. She has great hair and makeup, a major wardrobe of spectacles and even a rockin' deep red manicure. Diane Keaton is not hiding or playing it safe. Can I say this? She's a broad, but she's still a lady.

Now there is reason to love Diane Keaton even more. She has just become a model/spokesperson for Chico's, the brand fashionistas like to mock and where real women like to flock. In the past few years Chico's has  recharged their brand to recognize that women 50s+ do not think of themselves as "over the hill" and don't want to be catered to as if they are. Rochelle Udell was brought in as senior vice president - creative. In the interests of full disclosure, I worked on a project under Rochelle when we were both at Conde Nast Publications. She is a force to be reckoned with!

Previous Chico's campaigns featured a beautiful, animated brunette who might possibly be in her early 50s. The ads were admired, but the truth was revealed. The model's age was 36. That in itself is not a crime. When we look at Fashion as modeled by 14-year-olds we call it "art" and give it a pass. But Chico's must have taken that to heart and realized just as there are celebrity spokespersons in their 40s (Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones) there are stars that shine as brightly and have been doing it longer. Chico's president, Cinny Murray says about Diane, "Her spontaneity, her wonderful wit and her remarkable eye for individual style are the perfect complements to our brand." Bravo to Diane for ignoring the unwarranted rap that Chico's has gotten. She says, "Chico's embraces being an individual, and I love individual style. They're not afraid of variety. Chico's understands women."

Sounds like a matched pair of gloves to me.


  1. Michelle!!I love that you started this blog!! I used to have a fashion blog, but now I am starting a family blog!!I can't wait to read more!!!


  2. Delighted that you found me and hope you will enjoy reading. Thanks!