Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Allways in Fashion has been a forum for me to carp a bit, gently nudge, reminisce a lot, put forth queries and celebrate all those delicious extras that make our lives as women, well... you know that song, "I enjoy Being a Girl"?

Although this is Thanksgiving, a time to remember how thankful we are for family and friends, for freedom to live without fear and speak our minds, for opportunities to seek knowledge and fulfillment and live with grace, I have a few thanks to give for the Hershey's kisses in our lives:  

Kisses and thanks to:

> Ralph Lauren for celebrating American icons and becoming something of an icon himself

> Diane vonFurstenberg for being herself in a very public forum

Betsy Johnson for still cartwheeling down the runway

> Issac Mizrahi for loving every one of us, whether we are couture customers or HSN buyers

Target for realizing we all love to be treated to something special (if we can get there early enough before it's sold out)

The New York Times for consistently good fashion writing and the best coverage of Fashion Week

Fashion Magazines in general for arriving all shiny and new in our mailboxes every month despite 24/7 fashion coverage on the web

The Internet for 24/7 fashion coverage

Ebay and Etsy and Amazon for delightful trawling on the web

> Any internet site that offers free shipping

Project Runway because we are in awe of so much talent and still believe you can win your way to success (Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia— you're included)

The Oscars telecasts et al, because if we can't be on the red carpet at least we can look

> Lycra and Spandex and anything else that helps, gently

> Pink light bulbs

> 25% off all sale

Vintage finds (thank you for saving that whoever you are)

Spray tan because cadaver-white legs look awful, but the sun is worse

> The random stranger who tells you she likes your hair

Gloria Steinem for her retort to someone's comment on her 50th birthday that she looked good for her age, "This is what 50 looks like". Gloria is 76 and is proof that age is only a number.

Thanks, Gloria



  2. love it! happy thanksgiving to you and alan!!

  3. Hello and thanks for your email. Great post. Happy Thanksgiving!