Friday, November 18, 2011

Stop Me Before I Shop Again

Not as much fun as Bloomingdales, but...

Do you shop too much? I don't mean you have charged your way into financial ruin or even close. I mean, do you sometimes get the sneaky feeling that shopping— if not actually purchasing— in brick and mortar stores as well as online has become a substitute for doing what else you need to do? Do you suspect there might be more worthwhile pursuits? Don't worry, I'm not going to give you pointers how to break the habit. It is actually I habit that I do not want to break.

Tips for more efficient useless shopping:
> Find out when your favorite stores put out new merchandise and make those your target days to visit.

> Shop online, filling up your shopping cart to your heart's content. Then wait 24 hours before purchasing anything.

> Don't be afraid to return it. Even if you have to make up a reason— "The color doesn't match my jacket","My husband hated it". You could even fess up and say, "I changed my mind when I got home." There isn't a sales associate or woman alive who hasn't had that happen.

> Consequently don't shop "final sale" or "exchanges only" if you want to avoid buyer's remorse.

> When you feel flush, buy yourself a gift card to your favorite store(s). That way, if you must, the spree will be free.

> If you're a mall-aholic, limit your visit to a certain amount of time. Either devote yourself solely to one store or see how many stores you can hit within the time frame. You could also restrict your "shopping" to one product, i.e. shoes.

> I used to think a day without buying something was like a day without sunshine. It's the agoraphile in me. Then I realized I do enjoy shopping at the drugstore and the grocery store as well. You always need something from either of them.

> One can— and should— gift shop 365 days a year. Thinking of others is a virtue.

> If you get tempted easily to open your wallet, look at sale merchandise only.

> Don't deny yourself the pleasure of perusing the high-end stores. Just think of them as museums with price tags.

> If looking alone won't do, and your larder/medicine chest is full, shop at the resale or charity thrift shop. You are also doing a good deed!


  1. museums with price tags- i love that!

  2. Guess what? You coined that— about Saks.