Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ladies We Miss

Can you imagine how our style observations would be enriched were these lovely ladies still with us? Had it been, their ages today are in parentheses. As you can tell 1929 was a birth year for fleeting stars.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (45)
Carolyn was a bit of a cipher. We never really knew her during her brief time in the spotlight. She alternately looked terrified and bored at the attention. I suspect both attitudes were Carolyn trying to cope. I think John would have helped her over time. He was truly relaxed in the public eye and dripping with charisma.

Diana, Princess of Wales (50)

Fifty would certainly be the new twenty were Diana still alive today. I predict she would still be a huge influence on the way women dress— or aspire to dress. And I think she would have approved of Kate Middleton without reservation.

Natalie Wood (73)
Natalie always seemed so sophisticated it's hard to believe she was only four years older than me. But she grew up fast in Hollywood. I'd like to think she and Robert Wagner would have become today's version of Hume Cronin and Jessica Tandy. She would be beautiful, gracious and fun.

Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis (82)
This photograph of Jackie taken in her later years looks much like recent photographs of her younger sister, Lee Radziwill. They did look amazingly alike. Jackie would still be looking elegant if a trifle stiff. It's lovely that we now know more about Jackie to realize she had a relaxed side and wicked sense of humor.

Audrey Hepburn (82)
Ah Audrey! I like to think Audrey may have ditched the Ralph Lauren polos (practical for doing good works) and maybe gained just a few pounds. I wish that for her because we loved her so much and want to always think of her looking and feeling her best.

Princess Grace of Monaco (82)
Princess Grace had come to terms with her maturity and role on the world's stage to give an Oscar-worthy portrayal of royalty. I would not imagine that to change had her life continued.


  1. https://www.onekingslane.com/product/12281/44205
    I had not previously seen this book on Audrey; have you? Lots of pictures.

  2. I have and it's one of the best. If you're an Audrey fan you will really like it.