Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few Good Things

Can you have just one?

It's taken a long time to embrace the philosophy of Less is More. It will never truly happen. For the same price I'll probably choose a cafeteria buffet over one appetizer at the Ritz. Not that I wouldn't enjoy the Ritz... it just depends who's paying.

Likewise with things that surround me. Not that I don't love a beautiful object purchased at a great price— the decorative chachka bought at deep discount, the "find" from an estate sale, the end-of-season bargain ferreted out at my upscale clothing emporium of choice. I also cherish things I've held onto for no real reason, only to realize they are quite amazing— my mother's mid-century porcelain dinnerware by Eva Zeisel or her leopard skin belt (never wear the belt but use the china). I don't usually make a purchase that I know is pricey and live not to regret it.
In the  Museum of Modern Art and Chez Moi

Not lately though. In small ways I seem to be absorbing the "you get what you pay for" aspect of life— great theater seats (at a price), the best aged cheddar (at a price one used to see listed for gold), regular-priced clothing items bought in season and not for any immediate need. I (gulp) use my best perfume almost daily, even if it means I have to replenish it myself.

I'm also looking askance at "make do and mend". Love may be a battleground, but otherwise we are not at war. It was time to ditch the serviceable-but-not-lovely IKEA table and the comfy-but-rusty-chairs on the patio and get that French bistro set I've been eyeing in the Ballard catalogue for years.
Breakfast will now become Le Petit Dejeuner

Why? Is it because I just turned 70 and realize one can't see how many more corners there are to turn? I'm certainly not a fatalist. I do have good genes and avoid jaywalking. I guess I've reached the place where I realize, in the words of the immortal Fats Waller, "One never knows, do one?"
A little misbehavin' may be in order


  1. I have been experiencing similar feelings, but couldn't put words to them. I will turn 63 in a couple of weeks. Maybe getting older does have something to do with it. Excellent post!!

  2. I always appreciate and seem to enjoy items that are of higher quality and which I've usually spent more for. The issue is having the nerve to make the purchase!! Thoughtful post.