Friday, October 5, 2012

"I Write, I Shop, I Dress, and I'm Hungry for More"

It was a year ago today... that I launched this effort into the blogosphere. What started as entertainment soon became therapy and then A Calling. The mind boggles how many "hits" (over 16,000), from where (Indonesia???) and followers (not all of whom were nice enough to sign on just because they are friends). You know this will only encourage me...

Since Fashion is both fluffy and fickle, there is always something new heading our way— or something to remember when yesterday is a lot sharper in mind than tomorrow. There are times I do wonder how the next idea will appear. As contradictory as this may sound, the answer may be not to think about it. I'm woefully aware I could use a good editor, so if syntax and grammar are your forte, please forgive.

Thanks, Anthony Bourdain, for letting me co-opt your catchphrase. Someday I must write about your amazing cool middle-aged dude look. You are AllWays in Fashion.
Cool— no reservations about it


  1. Congrats on your successful first year! As a long time reader and first time commenter, I can assure you that you are touching the lives of many more than you ever hear from. BTW, thanks for the Elle review. I really appreciate Joe Zee and his article about interpretation.
    I've just started blogging myself, so I look forward to next year about this time ... hope I've done it as entertainingly as you have!
    Jan Graham-McMillen

  2. Congratulations on your 1 Year milestone. I'm a recent follower and very much enjoying your thoughts and observations!

  3. Thanks for your nice comments about my blog "AlWaysinFashion". I'm happy to discover yours, Jan, as well. We seem to be on the same "wave length"; my Aunt Sally would have called us "sin twisters". Une Femme, you are a favorite as well. So keep up the good work, and I'll enjoy reading.

  4. Congratulations! I've very much enjoyed reading your well-written thoughts and essays (and I have a degree in Linguistics with a year in English grammar, and you're doing just fine!).

  5. Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts.

  6. I'm so glad that a year ago you decided to start this blog. I love your point of view and your thoughts on fashion. Keep it up!