Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello, Gorgeous

Duro and friends

The man in the middle is Duro Olowu. Okay, you've never heard of him... yet. This Nigerian-born, London-based designer of his own line of luxury loveliness will be designing a Spring 2013 capsule collection for J.C. Penney! Now that is reason indeed for an exclamation point. Is this not like Eric Ripert cooking up a dish for MacDonald's? I mean, really, how lucky can a gal get?

Another one of Duro's friends

Duro Olowu has been a special favorite to Google and drool over since I saw one of his dresses in Amanda Brooks' book "I Love Your Style". His influence is his native Nigeria mixed with giant gulps of dash and sass. Originally set to become a lawyer, he has only been designing since 2005. Michelle Obama is an enthusiastic fan.


There is no real word on what will be in the collection, though jewelry, shoes and handbags have been mentioned along with the apparel, each to sell under $100. The dress above may be part of it. The images below are from the high-end Spring 2013 collection.

This past September I thought about slinking past his atelier in Duke's Yard, St. James, in London to press my nose against the glass, but lost my nerve (and ran out of time). Fortunately my local J.C. Penney is only 9 miles from home, no passport needed.

With luck, this will be my Spring 2013 wardrobe


  1. What a coup for JC Penney! This should be very interesting.

  2. That's very exciting...I saw his work just recently in Vogue (I think it was Vogue) and I'm definitely a fan!
    On a related note, Narciso Rodriguez has a collection at Kohl's right now (or in a few days, anyways) that's very chic!


    1. Thanks for your info about Narciso Rodriquez. November 7 is the launch date and pix are available online. As you know it all boils down to QUALITY— the undoing of many a designer collaboration with the mass market.