Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Things You Should Know by Now

Clara Bow did it...

You should know how to use a lip brush.
Once you do you'll never just smoosh on lipstick again, at least not when you are consciously "making up". I'll bet your lips do not match from right to left side. Skill with the brush allows you to even them out, get to the last of your lipstick and continue the color all the way into the corners of your lips. 

Lovely to look at, delightful to sew...

You should know how to sew on a button.
I can't believe any woman would admit she can't sew on a button, but I've heard it many times at the Lovely Boutique Where I Work. For shame! That's just lame. However there really is a technique for doing it that you should have mastered. If you're just starting out ask your mother or your grandmother to teach you. If you wish to learn in a more clandestine manner go here:

(You will have to cut and paste this link)

You should know how to tie a necktie.
I was pretty proud to learn how to tie a necktie. It's kind of a fun, sexy thing to do for a guy, and it's handy to finish off that Annie Hall look yourself without needing one. Want help? Ask your dad or your guy or follow the chart. I'm not sure why one might wish a full Windsor over a Half Windsor, but this seems fine for ladylike necks.

Good enough for the Duke of...

You should know your (approximate) equivalent size in jeans/pants.
Although no one cuts the same it does help to know the conversion of your usual size into jeanspeak.
00 = 24
0 = 25
2 = 26
4 = 27
6 = 28
8 = 29
10 = 30
12 = 31
14 = 32

Your size is hiding in plain sight

You should know how to say "no".
As in "no I don't look good in it" or "no I don't need it" or "no I am not going to just keep it anyways".
Laziness, embarrassment, disappointment can keep you from doing the right thing, and that's saying "no".

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  1. #5 empowered me to return a jewelry item that wasn't completely working... Thank You!! Also, #4 has helped me to accept that I am in fact a size 10 now vs. the 8 I keep trying to squeeze into. THANK YOU Michelle... another great post that is different and relevant!

  2. First, I need to get a lip brush. Seriously and immediately. Secondly, I am working as a nanny right now and I have sewn on buttons for this family on items of clothing that have been waiting years because neither parent knew how (!!). Third- I need to return a tunic that just doesn't quite work asap. You are right. Thank you. xo

  3. You can totally master a lip brush— yay! And hooray for your skill with a needle. Shocking the other part. Yes yes return it! And Merry Christmas to you!