Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is the Half Tuck Half Baked?

The is-it-or-isn't-it intentional half-tuck

About two years ago a new look took the world by storm (ok I exaggerate). It snuck up on us on the person of David Beckham, who must have done it deliberately, right? Since then the boys passed it on to the girls who passed it on to J. Crew and now it's (pardon the pun) out there.

The looks-good-on-you-
David-Beckham half-tuck

Believe it or not the half-tuck has variations:
Front side half-tuck
Back side half-tuck connected to front side half-tuck
Solo back side half-tuck
Back full-tuck
Front full-tuck 
The Justin Tuck (no that's football, sorry)

No one is quite sure whether it's a Good Thing. It is, however, here.

The J. Crew variations

Do I hate it? Not really. It makes feel hip for a woman OACA*. Interesting, depending on the tuck, it can hide a flabby front or unlovely backside. It makes me think I'm doing Relaxed Chic as simply comfortable is not a look I usually embrace. It makes me smile.

The designer half-tuck—
Dries van Noten
* that's Of A Certain Age, of course

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  1. I must agree with the mean girls of GOMI, it looks silly.