Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Selling Out: an Apology

For one brief moment in time I decided to see what this blog would be like with ads. I apologize to anyone who spotted a totally irrelevant ad on my site last night between the hours of 12AM and now.

I've long wondered how anyone makes money writing a blog. Not that it is the goal of course. But how nice would it be to write what I like, have you read it and get a check in the mail? Wait a minute, sister...

Not being a tech person my eyes may have glazed over reading the small print on the sign-up page, but that one ad brought me back to my senses. Anything I click on the internet will be fodder! Don't worry— this was nothing x-rated, just boring and having nothing to do with fashion, beauty or how I look at the world.

As a big fat holiday treat I bought myself "Diana Vreeland Memos". Reading is like having a conversation with her. They are delightful, humorous, wacky and inspiring— with no ads.

Can I aspire to such greatness? Now that the ads are gone who knows...


  1. Yeah, monitizing is tricky. As are cookies (both virtual and Xmas types).

  2. Ads are everywhere, and I tend to just filter them out of my consciousness. That said, I pay extra on wordpress to keep the ads off. I want 100% control over the content on my site. And I also don't want my blog to start feeling like "work."

    1. Thanks, Lizzie. Right brain should have been telling left brain that very thing— along with "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is".

  3. I was wondering about those ads myself. Some look so chic and simple. Some splatter all over the page. I miss what happened on yours, as this has been a rough time lately and I've not be on blogs much. Don't they use ads that relate to your subject matter?? Do tell. Happy New Year!!

  4. Am glad you weren't up and reading blogs in the middle of the night as that's when you would have seen the ad for office supplies— picked up no doubt from a search I did for something irrelevant to my Fashionable Life. Yes, some ads do look lovely, but I now think managing one's ads might be more trouble than they would ever be worth. Thanks for reading!