Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year to Same Old You

The easiest New Year's resolution I ever made was to resolve not to make resolutions. That was also the easiest to break.

Are you always looking to do better, do it better, make it better or become better at something? It's in our nature as humans not to be satisfied with the status quo. We are humble enough to search for answers and foolish enough to think we'll find them.

On top of which, we don't change as much as we evolve. Scratch me, and I'm the same little girl playing paper dolls at age 8 that I am today. There are just many more layers. You may not be the same person you were last year or last week, but you are still you.

WOACAs (Women of a Certain Age) will tell me that their biggest fashion fear is dressing too young. I don't worry about that because fashion itself has no automatic age restrictions. You just have to use your head. I own no crop tops, bikinis, strapless dresses, short shorts or mini skirts. Nothing that says "Hello Kitty" or "I'm with the band". My bling has good manners. I don't in the least feel fashion deprived.

I follow fashion according to what I like and what will look good on the way I'm built. I enjoy playing with fashion by scrambling patterns, pairing up odd color combos or breaking a few silly rules. Because fashion always changes, and I'm open, so do I.

What I think they mean to say is, "I'm afraid, as a woman of a certain age, to have fun because I don't want to look silly." The only person you should fear is the one who looks back at you in the mirror. She should be telling you if that look is not for you. And sometimes she will even say, "You know, you look good today."

Ask... and listen.
Happy New Year!

Gloria Sharp—
one of the women I watch


  1. So well said, Michelle. One of the advantages of having lived a few years is the confidence to wear what makes us happy!

  2. Fantastic post, Michelle! Happy New Year - I'm sure you'll love Antwerp. The fashion museum is tiny but worth a peek. Let me know if you'll be in London in 2015. Very best, Alyson

  3. Thank you and the same. Never need an excuse to get back to London— just time and money! Happy travels to you and best of luck with the book. Please keep us (me and your many fans) in the know.