Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jonesing for Jackets

Iris knows jackets go everywhere

We've all got our fashion addictions. Shoes. Handbags. Fine Jewelry. Done, done and done. I troll the designer aisles at DSW Shoe Warehouse with the best of my sole sisters. Unless it's the world's most amazing flat, I'm not buying. My handbag has to be big enough and tough enough. Once found I tend to carry it to (its) death. My husband is sick of hearing how lucky he is I don't like diamonds.

But I do fall (often head over heels) for a couple things. One is jackets. Not the kind that keep you warm; the kind that make an outfit.* And the lumpier I seem to be getting, the more thankful that jackets can both hide and shout.

Prada's dream coat of many colors (right)

Although they have their places, I'm not talking basics like a blazer, a denim jean jacket or black moto jacket. I mean statement jackets. Sewn of fanciful fabrics. Often ethnic inspired—Mandarin, Mexican, Maharajah. You could travel the world on the jackets in my closet.

The jackets I love are long enough. Sometimes they are even called "short coats".

The fit is not too snug as they will be worn with something underneath.

You have the option of taking this jacket off, but it mostly stays on.

It may be a solid fabric in a beautiful color or beaded and embroidered within an inch of its life.

The collar is simple if not non-existent.

They often have pockets (an added bonus).

The fabric is not flimsy or it should be lined.

A jacket can express your personality (because it has a personality too).

You can dress up a t-shirt and jeans.

You can make an evening look with palazzo pants, dressy Capris or a long skirt.

Because each jacket is memorable you need a gaggle of them so as not to bore your audience.

Now that I've waxed rhapsodic about the Beauty of the Jacket, I think I deserve another one, don't you?

On its way...

* One of those evergreen and golden fashion rules: Three pieces make an outfit.


  1. Oh, that pink one is beautiful! I'm a bit of a jacket junkie too, and am glad they seem to have made a resurgence.

  2. Michelle, you've done it again. Great piece (hmm, pun intended or not?) And I love, love, love " jackets can both hide and shout." Nicely done.
    Been a jacket fan forever. Now I have the time to make them, too.

  3. Jane, so nice to know you are reading. Oh, and you have TIME to MAKE them too? Very impressive!