Saturday, January 10, 2015

What the Well-dressed Koala Needs

I don't want to make light of this because it's a very heartfelt appeal that I am taking seriously. Koalas can't help it if they are absolutely adorable even in their stressed out state due to summer wildfires in Australia. Seems they fall victim as the fires traumatize them, and they just wait around to be rescued. Thus many incur severe burns on their paws. Koalas also have weak immune systems, which doesn't help the healing process. The call is out for seamstresses (not much skill needed) to whip up koala mitten donations. You can read more about it here, including a link for a very simple mitten pattern:

Don't forget summer in Australia means winter, now, in the northern hemisphere. I've not been to Australia, but I've been up close and personal with koalas at the San Diego zoo. They do sleep a lot.

The thought of burn victim koalas needing mittens keeps me from thinking about needing mittens here in south Texas in this cold spell. So I'll stay inside and sew.

Thanks to Laura C. for passing on the call for help.

Photo by Trevor Brightman

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