Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Circle of Life

The last thing I put on is a gold bangle I've had for almost 50 years. It's older than that and came with a dent in the side. It's not real gold either. It was a gift from someone when no gift was expected at a time when I owned very few accessories. It fits my small wrist with enough room to jangle against my watch yet not fall off.

I realize that if I don't put that on, I feel undressed. I'll miss it throughout the day. That wrist looks naked with only a watch. Unlike pins, which you can't see yourself, you know you are wearing a bracelet. I wonder if this is what makes the connection.

Iris again... of course
Some women pile on bracelets as the works of art they are. I'm making less of a statement with just one; it feels like part of me.

Charming still

My aunt had a charm bracelet back when every souvenir shop sold pennants and charms instead of t-shirts and baseball caps. Hers was sterling silver, as were most of the charms. Some had moving parts and a few were enameled. I loved a colorful shield that said "Banf". That was a place I'd never heard of, and it sounded so exotic. Her bracelet must have been heavy, but she wore it all the time. I bet it was more fun to look at in a spare moment than the way we aimlessly scroll through emails.

Chanel has famously said in order not to over-accessorize you should remove the last thing you put on. That gold bangle usually is the last, and for me it seals the deal.

What do you miss if you forget to wear it?

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