Sunday, November 29, 2015

Look out— Black Lace Below


One of the trickiest styles to pull off without looking Kartrashian is black lace pants. Nevertheless I decided I really must have a pair this holiday season and forevermore. They've been calling my name, and like Ulysses I am tempted by the sirens.

And like Ulysses without a sextant I find little to guide me.  I could show you a thousand "don'ts" but barely any "dos".

Because I can't resist, here's a big don't, from Miuccia Prada no less. The itsy-bitsy black "modesty skirt" is practically yelling, "I'm covering this up because you're not supposed to look there, so why are you looking there?"

If you're going to lace up (or down) a longer tunic top will skirt the issue just fine (and you won't have to sit on the couch all night).

A safer bet are these pull-ons from J. Crew. The lace is backed with black. More subtle, perhaps, but saner and my choice. I only wish J and the Crew had shown it outfitted.

So here are a few outfitting suggestions if you're hopelessly smitten like me.

Black lace pants +

Silk cami in jewel tone (ruby, teal, electric blue) + jean jacket + black strappy heeled sandals

Crisp white shirt (try a high-low cut) + D'Orsay flats

White cotton t + black blazer + ankle booties

Striped French sailor t + ballet flats

You get the idea. Keep it simple and low-key with jewelry at a minimum. Pretend they are not the fanciest pair in your closet and wear them out. Literally.

These could be black lace...



  1. Great post. The white dress shirt could also be knotted "Daisy Duke" style at the waist with the lace pants - or one could use a common gray tee and a sparkly statement necklace...the possibilities are endless! Jeanne

    1. I actually had you in mind when I wrote this and figured you might have some great ideas. Readers, take note!