Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tied up in Ghillies

Yesterday I ordered 6 pairs of ghillies. Ghillies are not anything you need 6 pairs of, but when you shop online one is never sure of size or color. I have no intention of keeping them all.

Ghillies are— I am happy to say— back. At this point you may be asking, "What are ghillies?"

Ghillies are soft shoes, similar to ballet flats, worn by women in Irish dance, men in Scottish dance, men and women in Highland dance. Narrow leather laces criss-cross across the shoe and wind around the ankle. Traditionally black, fashion ghillies come in many shades (thus the multiple orders).

Ghillies in action: Irish dance
Scottish dance
Highland dance

There are some shoe trends I've not picked up. Oxfords aren't ironic on someone who might wear Sensible Shoes if she were less stubborn. As for shoes, I still believe that denial is a river in Egypt. Ballet flats have been my saving grace. Ghillies may go that one further— add trendy to comfortable.

Don't go shopping for "ghillies" though. They are called "sueded lace up pointy flats" at Old Navy ($29.94), "lace up ballet flats" at the GAP ($49.95) and "lace up flats" at Anthropologie ($178).

3 colors at Old Navy
4 colors at the GAP
4 colors at Anthropologie

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