Sunday, November 15, 2015

Are You All Over This?

She would look good in a paper bag

Overalls. How I hated mine as a child. It meant I was still a baby and not considered old enough for a skirt. Yes, you do remember some things from when you were three years old.

Over time overalls took on an ironic chic. Fast forward to the 1970s when we bought a house in the country. I knew nothing about gardening, but in overalls I looked cute trying.

Overalls are, let's face it, really comfortable. They skim over tummy, hips and thighs and are not that hard to deal with throughout the day (as in jumpsuit). I still have three pairs hanging around— a well-worn and paint-stained pair by that Chanel of overalls Oshgosh B'gosh, a Ralph Lauren-brand high-waisted Rosie the Riveter look (ie dress-up overalls), and a brand-new-never-worn-still-with-tags pair picked up at an Esprit outlet store years ago.

Ralph's inspiration no doubt
I loved the periodic "clean ups" at Woman's Day when we took our own advice and the staff spent a day just throwing out stuff and making neat. We accumulated a lot more paper then. Naturally, I was able to dress the part.

All in a woman's day...

Overalls have been sneaking into The Lovely Boutique Where I Work for a while now, and at around $200 they are not cheap. I've seen some of the younger gals wear them, and they look adorable. But is this a look for everyone? I'll let you decide:

You too Heidi???
Alexa Chung designed her own
An overalls do (above) and don't (below)
Do girls have more fun in overalls?


  1. Well, this is yet another look I'll skip. My daughter wears them, though.

  2. But what about the first cousin of the overall, the jumpsuit? I must admit I've been looking at them lately. When I mentioned it to my daughter, she was horrified!! Think I'll have to get them for sure!

    1. Jumpsuits can indeed look chic. I have one by Ralph Lauren in black jersey with a bateau neckline and push-up sleeves. But it's not easy to "deal with" throughout the day as you are wearing your top connected to your bottom. But of course you must get yourself a pair of overalls. Your daughter might then want one too!