Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Singular Sensation

Lately an amazing idea has crossed this threshold: Have one great piece as the end-all and be-all of your outfit. It's not news to me that a wardrobe of basics can be boring. A scarf or a necklace can only go so far. And juggling a wardrobe of mix-and-matchables every which way but Sunday can take more time (and coordination) than most of us have. No need to coordinate till the cows come home. That one piece will do the talking; the rest of what you wear is the supporting cast. And the bit players know better than to compete with the star. What's a good example of one piece-calls-the-shots, 2013 style?
Marc crossing the Chanel
Statement Jacket. Its structure/color/pattern separates it from a jacket just meant to complete a skirt suit or keep you from feeling chilled. Take the Chanel-inspired/Marc Jacobs elaborated jacket above. Skinny black pants or dark denim, maybe some gold hoops, a discreet black clutch— that's it.

Will never be called a little black dress
Major Dress. How lovely to have the dress back (biggest challenge: finding one that fits top and bottom). A dress can be a lifesaver, a go-to piece and indispensable, but how often do you choose the one that screams "basic"? Tempted you'll get tired of the print? Re-think and know you (and everyone else) will be happy each time it appears.

Print Pants and Colored Pants. We've seen both trouser styles this year. It doesn't take much for this look to hit the road. Anything more than the basics can put them in overdrive.

Toasty but for the legs of course
Gift wrap yourself. The only thing that got me through the long, cold east-coast winters was a great winter coat. If you're out and about in blustery weather, this is how people will see you. My favorite was a hunter green swing coat with a detachable Sherlock Holmesian cape. What happened to it is a mystery.

Boring to buy but...
Need a shopping excuse? January used to be the month for white sales, time to stock up on sheets and towels (which once upon a time were— sadly— always white). Take this opportunity to go through your closet staples (including tights and socks and simple footwear) to show off that singular sensation to its best advantage (ie no faded black t's or yellowy white shirts).

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