Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Slippery Slope

The slippery slope can get you too...

Have I begun a descent into fashion hell, or am I already there? I've been off work for the past five days, the longest I can remember without an agenda (bed rest, vacation travel or looking for work). While that's brought its own special delights, I'm quite looking forward to picking up the routine again tomorrow.

I have, unfortunately, adopted a uniform this staycation that I'm beginning to enjoy: pull-on yoga pants, short-sleeve T, zip-up hoodie, sneakers. I wear makeup; I'm doing my hair. I look presentable, but I'm presenting myself to the world in a way I swore I never would.

I've long shouted from the rooftops: "Gym clothes are to be worn to the gym or the track! If I catch you at the supermarket, you better have that healthy glow only a good workout will give." While I have had every intention of getting to the gym this week, it's quite possible I may have only waved my hand in that direction as I've been too busy chasing around town.

As these five days of unabashed nothingness will likely not happen again soon (and I'm starting to miss opening my closet), I'll chalk it up to walking a mile in someone else's (very comfortable) shoes.

...Reese Witherspoon!

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