Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fifth Season

Lolling a la Slim Aarons

In fashion there is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Resort. Resort is, of course, a state of mind. It blooms in January, as after-holiday sales trickle down to the last dregs. It peters out around the first warm day wherever you live. Resort is the stuff of dreams, but do those dreams ever get you through the night!

In the fashion industry resort wear (aka cruise wear) was originally targeted to the affluent customer in upscale stores for her post-Christmas travels to warm weather destinations. Although many of us live year round in warm climates, there's something invigorating about fashion announcing it's Resort season. This is really a preview of what we might be wearing down the road. We're not about to light off to a real resort, where one lolls about as in a Slim Aarons photograph. The temptation is to outfit a trip you haven't even planned or forget that summer in the city means hot and gritty with a cardigan at the ready.

It was ever so easy to pick up this darling embroidered tote to accompany my Vespa-fueled tour of Capri. I'm certain it will fit well on the handlebars. Not too sure about tucking the peasant skirt around my legs. Maybe I'll opt for the sidecar. I haven't actually booked a trip but have tote, will tour?

It's easy to forget the perfectly good summer clothes you already have, hibernating as they are in some kind of winter storage. Never mind last year's Herculean attempt to coordinate a wardrobe. How easy to be tempted by the super cool (and unlike anything you own) black and white Marc Jacobs.
Fashion is never black and white, except when it is

How to avoid making some of your worst fashion purchases in January and February?

> Buy fashion magazines. A few dollars invested and a few hours ingested might satiate your appetite for the new. Drool over the pages; cut out a few looks; pin them on an inspiration board.

> Go into the "field" (shopping mall) for "research" (browsing), but leave your credit card at home.

> Unearth last year's stuff and start culling. Winter is a better time to remember what didn't work and make promises to do better. Seriously consider ditching what you've held onto from two summers ago.

> Make reservations so at least you'll know what you're shopping for.

Many thanks to Diane Oatis for reminding me how susceptible we are at this time for something shiny and new. 


  1. It's funny, but Resort has always been the least tempting season for me. Maybe because I know I'm stuck at work and the clothes are totally impractical. ;-)

  2. Resort seems like such an out of step collection. I love your idea of shopping in the stores without the ability to purchase. Women make so many hasty purchases that live in their closets unworn for years!!
    My Best,

  3. I especially love your "Make Reservations" suggestion!