Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutely Resolving Again

What happens to old New Year's resolutions? I mean, what happens literally to the scraps of paper they were written on? Gone with the wind, probably. Well, no such luck if you are the proprietor of a blog. Said resolutions are still there, filed under "Published January 3, 2012". Though I clicked on the file with trepidation, I'm happy to report I did accomplish a few of them (though it took till mid-October for the one about hurtful shoes).

I had the temerity to resolve to (and what happened):
> Purge the closet of unworn finery (space abhors a vacuum).
> Send those dud shoes off to fit someone else (done).  
> Wear the Good Stuff more often (check). 
> Give more compliments (best advice I ever gave myself).
> Stop looking for the perfect black handbag (failed because I bought yet another).
There were a few more of course...

So what's on tap for 2013?

Stay out of stores where I don't really like to shop. It's depressing to visit Limited or Ann Taylor or Talbot's or almost every mall store. Don't even get me started on Loehmann's. Where they used to thrill me with promise, they are now just irritating.

Keep up the good work of buying less crap and buying less in general. Don't buy into fad purchases just because they're cheap. Of course, I've always wanted a lurex sweater vest... The latter will always be an challenge.

Get used to it. The lumps and bumps and sags and bags are going to happen despite my willing them not to. That doesn't mean giving up; it just means stop tilting at windmills.

Do some sole-searching. Why is it I never check the soles of my shoes until they are worn down to a nub? I must then cart them off to the shoemaker and sheepishly beg him to save them.

Don't let anything follow me home. Dropping off my tired and unlovely at the thrift shop should not mean dragging someone else's rejects home with me. Unless they are by Marc Jacobs.

If I want to get anything done, don't get dressed. Though lifestyle gurus would have us face each day fully dressed and looking our best, I find if I do that— shower, dress, hair and makeup— I want to go somewhere. The idea of then staying home (to clean, pay bills or read a good book) is anathema. I get the most done in my pajamas, with an unmade bed.

There are unfashion resolutions of course— from drinking more water to donating those VHS tapes (to a land fill?)— but I won't bore you with them, and I already forgot where I wrote them down.


  1. I totally love this blog. I especially agree about the doing stuff in pj's. If I spend the time to put together an outfit, do my hair and makeup, I'm not in the mood for housework. And I'm also working on getting rid of stuff. I need to put a sign saying no vacancy on all of the closet doors in the house.

  2. I'm with Judy - I love your blog. :)

    I like your resolution about giving more compliments - it really makes you feel good, doesn't it? Happy New Year!